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My PC Specs

My PC Specs

An insight into my daily driver systems.


This post is an extension to my bio page.


Built in 2019, BLACKOUT is my main workstation, featuring what at the time were the best components available.

BLACKOUT runs Arch Linux, with all workloads being virtualized with QEMU/KVM. While most VMs currently still run Windows, I am planning to migrate as many as possible to Linux in an effort to only use FOSS software that respects user privacy.

CPU: i9 9820X (10c20t @ Base 3.3GHz, Boost 4.2GHz)

GPU: ASUS 2080Ti Strix OC

RAM: 64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro @ 3200MT/s

Motherboard: ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore

NVME SSDs: Samsung 970 Evo Plus (1TB), WD Black SN750 (1TB)

SATA SSDs: Samsung 860, 850 (1TB and 512GB)

HDD: Seagate IronWolf 4TB

PSU: Corsair HX1200i

Case: Cosmos C700M


As the name suggests, UnRAID is my NAS server, running the operating system with the same name.

After running out of storage on my Synology NAS (and after finding its performance lacking), I repurposed an old Desktop PC into a NAS.

CPU: i7 3820


Motherboard: ASRock X79 Extreme9

SSD: Some Samsung 512GB SATA drive


  • 2x Seagate Exos X18 (18TB), 1 parity, 1 data
  • 2x WD Red (4TB), 2 data

Total Capacity: 26TB (planning to add 1-2 more X18s to store Linux ISO images)